: Show­rooms & Fair Stands


New showrooms are just waiting to be opened! Has the global pandemic called physical brand presentation as a concept into question? We think so – but this is only one reason why trade fair stands and showrooms need rethinking. Social media, hybrid formats, changed rhythms in sales and communi­cation all call for contemporary concepts – something which we very much welcome with our spectrum of interior, brand and product design services.

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Moments of Future Memories

Creating Occasions. Shared Moments. Anchored in a Wider Context of Brand Experiences

The Trade Fair, Taking a New Stand

Transformation of an entity

Many companies have long considered trade fair partici­pation as a given. No longer. Trade fairs them­selves were immovable instances for many decades. No longer. The increa­sing digitali­sation of marke­ting has ushered in a change of objective for all parties. And since the pandemic, some­thing funda­mental has changed – live communi­cation must reinvent itself. With hands-on experiences, encounters and immer­sive formats that cannot be replaced by any other channel.

Space Becomes Reach

The emergence of hybrid concepts

How can trade fair stands and show­rooms be used as efficiently as possible? For a long time, the bench­mark was always space and how it was put to work. Today, how­ever, space is also an attrac­tive stage for acti­vation and digital reach. It must create occa­sions and invite visitors to experience products inter­actively or as a live broad­cast. Spaces with physical limits are expanded and inten­sified by unlimited digital possibilities.

Fair Location Instagram

Social media multi­plies visitor numbers

Trade fair presences and show­rooms with a strong concep­tual and visual impact are documented and shared by visitors. A factually intelli­gent use of space and con­densed, targeted design ensure that contact routes are extended. Reaching what are often com­pletely new fans in the process.

Born for a Long Life

Sustainability as material for thought

Exhibition stands or pop-ups are tempo­rary structures or, in the case of show­rooms, are subject to striking change to remain attractive. For us this is associ­ated with the clear goal of sustai­nable planning in two different direc­tions: towards targeted reduc­tion on one hand and towards enhanced recycla­bility of essential elements and materials for future purposes on the other.