: Brand Identity


We believe in creating strong brand identities, especially when developing the diverse communication formats that are required today. With a clear strategic foundation and a main idea that develops drive and remains unmistakable in every manifestation.

We achieve this by offering services with a methodical approach – from analysis and concept development to practical implementation. Brand design is integrated into interior concepts in many of our projects.


Today, a brand identity must show and prove itself as never before.

We develop strong main ideas with interdisciplinary drive.

Always the same, always very different

Strategic positioning in transition

Today’s customer has an average of 20 touch­points from information to purchase. That means 20 encounters with the brand across a wide variety of channels, situations and inter­actions. To be effective, a brand needs a clear identity that is always recognisable every­where – while at the same time always differen­tiating itself from the competition wherever you encounter it.

Aha comes before algorithm

Guiding principles with a methodical basis

Brands are programma­tically managed and oriented towards algorithms to an ever-increasing degree. We prioritise one conviction over this develop­ment: It may be easier to reach people through data, but not to convince them. What is convin­cing is a brand identity, characte­rised by a differen­tiating and wholly coherent main idea. We derive this idea methodi­cally yet boldly. And in close dialogue with our clients.

Meaning seeks sales, sales seek meaning

About the brand as a company

A company’s ethos and values play an ever increa­singly important role in customer loyalty and purcha­sing decisions. Ethical, cultural and social positio­ning have a profound impact on strategic orien­tation and accep­tance. But simply listing values is not enough. We incorporate these questions into branding aspects in a structured way, and show how solutions can become vital and credible.

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Interdisciplinary work as strategic synergy

Demarcated marketing disci­plines exist only in theory. From a customer’s pers­pective, there is no media separation bet­ween a digital visit to a web­site and a real-life visit to a showr­oom. Ideally, however, an overall percep­tion of the brand and its identity should prevail. Which is why in our studios, we do away with artificial bounda­ries between the disci­plines of spatial design, product design and digital formats. And we’ve been doing this for more than 20 years.