Brunner GmbH Brunner: Orgatec 2010
Brunner: Orgatec 2010Cologne, 2010

Brand Identity or Product Presentation? Yes.

Brunner: Orgatec 2010

Brunner is a prestigious manufacturer of utility furniture with a main focus on furniture for events, conventions and nursing homes. This family-run company has made a name for itself in custom-made furniture that is precisely tailored towards customer requirements. In the context of a strategic brand repositioning, the furniture manufacturer wishes to position itself more strongly as an architectural brand. The Brunner exhibition stand at the Orgatec 2010 was expressly designed to underscore this new positioning.


The exhibition stand features the latest innovations in chairs and conference tables across an area of 390 m². The challenge was to portray the brand world as a holistic entity while staging the individual product groups in close, coherent groupings across the elongated, rectangular stand. Translucent gauze ceiling hangings were used to create separate layered, flowing spaces. This channelling of attention enables visitors to focus more clearly on the individual products. At the same time, the entire stand always remains visible and comprehensible. The gauzes were hung in strict geometric alignment to recall urban cityscapes.

The white landscape effectively draws the individual products into the foreground. Precisely positioned elements in a yellow accent colour – from large square ceiling and wall frames, a display of smaller format frames on one wall, to slim vertical strips and large yellow panels – establish additional focal points in the separate product areas. These abstracted objects provide a conceptual context for the products, while supporting the overall structure of the stand and hinting at the high standard of quality inherent in the brand thanks to their innate precision.
The continuous white melamine resin floor is the site of an additional zonification. Here individual products are contained by grey carpets, floor markings as areas, lines or dotted grids, as well as a field of white limed oak.

The cafeteria forms the centrepiece of the stand, and is designated by an expanse of grey carpet. A collection of different sized, white luminaires underscores the lounge-like atmosphere of the cafeteria, where in-depth exchange with trade fair visitors takes place. A cube is positioned two-thirds along the rear wall. This conceals a storage room, kitchen and two small meeting rooms. The cube is crowned by a three-dimensional company logo, which builds a bridge to the company’s headquarters in Rheinau where an oversize logo decorates the roof of its production facilities.

An accompanying communication campaign was also developed for the Orgatec exhibition. It features hatched illustrations of product novelties in juxtaposition with an object that metaphorically symbolises the leitmotifs and core expertise of the company. Each motif highlights the core theme of each individual section. Other spin-offs included a memory game, exhibition bags as give-aways and an advertisement campaign. Informative texts on the individual products were also available on the pages of oversized notepads with yellow trim.

The exhibition stand at the Orgatec 2010 was expressly designed to underscore Brunner's new positioning as an architectural brand.
The white landscape of translucent gauze ceiling hangings effectively draws the latest innovations in chairs and conference tables into the foreground.
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