Bundesarchitektenkammer / DGNB BAK / DGNB: Exporeal 2009
BAK / DGNB: Exporeal 2009Munich, 2009

As Clear as a Statement – As Concise as Its Content.

BAK / DGNB: Exporeal 2009

The Federal Chamber of Architects and the German Sustainable Building Council (DGNB) wished to use their shared exhibition stand at the ExpoReal 2009 to send out a motivational message to the target group of investors: Sustainable building and architectural quality are by no means mutually exclusive. Furthermore, building certification can even increase a building’s value and therewith its marketability.


The focus of the stand design is on a plus sign executed by a seamless wall of monitors. An element which symbolically unites the contributions of the architects with those of the DGNB to form a sustainable whole. A multimedia performance transmits the core messages. The stand design itself is intentionally minimal, creating a homogenous ‘golden’ platform on which the communicative content is staged, while at the same time quoting the highest certification level that can be awarded: the gold sustainability certificate. A long, white table further underscores the thematic unity of the stand partners with respect to their cooperative effort towards better design and quality of life in real estate. A continuous ceiling structure of energy-efficient LED panels bathes the stand in a golden, almost daylight-quality light, turning the stand into a pleasant and welcoming place to be.

Facts & Figures

Bundesarchitektenkammer / DGNB
Exporeal 2009
Completed (2009)
Zooey Braun
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Hakan Sakarya
  • Julia Weigle
  • Bruce B. GmbH
  • VON M