: Styling


Styling creates conceptual density and additional narrative levels. Which is why for us, styling in all interior projects, showrooms, shops, work worlds and trade fair stands is far more than merely the cherry on the cake. It is integrated into our holistic approach right from the start. While in set design for photography and film, it is a central component of the concept. The result is not only visible in real life, but also in the digital use of formative images: on websites, in PR or on social media.

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Amplifier of concepts, narrator of nuances, a cheeky wink.

Styling is an effective tool in an increa­singly visual world.

Not Just Addition, but Sum

Integrated thinking right from the start

Finally, perhaps a beauti­ful vase with flowers? No way! Styling is neither mere decoration, nor some­thing you add to an interior concept at the very end. Our exper­tise in this area becomes a concep­tual compo­nent of our work at a much earlier stage. With an inter­national perspec­tive on culture, fashion and acces­sories, we have curated a meticu­lously selected digital and physical pool of styling possi­bilities.

Oscar for the Supporting Actors

Reinforcing concept and uniqueness

Every extra pinch of effective­ness and unique­ness counts. This is just as true for a film set as it is for a show­room, a corporate space or a show flat. Well-considered styling works like the best suppor­ting actor: enhancing the effect of the main concept. With exciting nuances, with a cheeky wink or with targeted references to key messages.

Consultancy with Style

Service for product staging

Assertive and unmistaka­ble images are a central means of communi­cation today. To achieve this, products must be presented in a unique and channel-appropriate way – as iconic key visuals or usable series. Here we offer consul­ting as well as prac­tical support for campaigns and product shoots.