GVD Glasveredelung Dillingen GmbH elidur: IFH 2008
elidur: IFH 2008Nuremberg, 2008

Elidur Is Glass Culture. An Idea Which Is as Clear Is Glass, as Expansive as the Possibilities This Material Offers.

elidur: IFH 2008

elidur is a specialist for the material glass. The manufacturer translates individual customer’s wishes into premium products of high-quality design. elidur now wishes to locate itself more explicitly in its customer target group and also optimise it general perception among the public. The task was to build a world for the umbrella brand and its products that could be both experienced and remembered. This should communicate in a nutshell both the core subject of glass as well as the company’s core areas of expertise such as quality, design and competence in providing solutions.


An initial realisation can be found in the affix “Glass Culture”, which now augments the brand name. This addresses the theme of glass quickly and clearly. By appropriating the term “Culture”, the business assures the highest level of competency in handling the material. At the same time we have found a graphic image that communicates these properties, even without words. A dragonfly is a memorable and individualistic additive that now turns elidur into a strong brand name in both words and visually. This new brand awareness is also visible in the new showroom, exhibition stand and various advertising materials. In designing these media we have relied on atmospheric product photography in which the individual objects are always seen in a spatial context.

To optimise the general perception among the public, the task was to build a rememberable world for the umbrella brand and its products that is also reflected within the design of the exhibition stand.

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GVD Glasveredelung Dillingen GmbH
IFH Nürnberg 2008
Completed (2008)
Zooey Braun
  • Alexander Fehre
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Skalecki Marketing & Kommunikation, Copywriter