Technopark, Technopark
TechnoparkKhimki (Russia), 2013

There Are Few Markets Tougher than Tech. Only Holistic Brand Technology Will Do.

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The electronics chain Technopark, highly visible in its home market of Russia, was aiming for a holistic relaunch and commissioned Ippolito Fleitz Group to rework the brand’s identity as well as its corporate design and store fit-outs. For the brand core we defined Technopark as the provider of a beautiful, enjoyable and exciting life – with the right range of technology to make it happen. The design and the “electronic lifestyle” motto express these ideas concisely and memorably.

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Technopark is the provider for an aesthetically pleasing and exciting life with the best technology in any situation.
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The crowded market in which Technopark operates often defines itself by overheated price wars. But when we approached the positioning and design for Technopark, our goal was to present a vital and clearly differentiated alternative. And so we focussed on a target group of consumers who decide not just on price, but also utility, emotion, quality and service.


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Technopark is the provider for an aesthetically pleasing and exciting life with the best technology in any situation. Technopark understands what technology can offer people: highly specific, emotional advantages, to support the individual’s lifestyle to make life more exciting, more enjoyable, more stylish. We demonstrate this through a brand which makes a loud and proud declaration of its loyalty to the electronic lifestyle: rational product categories become lively, high-impact, emotion-packed images, while texts create a world in which the target market can see itself reflected. And that means: anyone who goes shopping with the expectation of being treated like an individual with individual needs.


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A striking brand colour makes a key difference in a competitive market. After analysing the market we decided on blue. The choice of colour perfectly reflects the vibrant world of technology and is applied consistently in every instance, from high-impact design to advertising layout.


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The interior concept ensures a clear zoning of product ranges. Ceiling signs, interconnected through a blue light strip, lead customers to each department where they’re met with posters featuring emotional motifs. The experience is underscored by installations of light cubes, which bring a three-dimensional pixel world to the space.


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A striking brand colour makes a key difference in a competitive market.

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Online shopping is another important part of Technopark’s “electronic lifestyle”. For the existing Technopark online shop we developed a design concept which adapts the visual signifiers of the new corporate design to create a readily comprehensible navigational experience. The clearly organised layout emphasises the brand’s quality standards. A large banner on the homepage creates an emotional entry point to this product world with testimonials and striking headlines.


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With its new corporate design and commitment to the electronic lifestyle, Technopark underscores its position as a specialised partner for electronic products in the marketplace. The modern identity communicates competence and integrity while also fostering emotional involvement. In a Russian electronic market dominated by discounters, we succeeded in defining Technopark as an unmistakable brand: a one-off.


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Khimki (Russia)
Completed (2014)
Zooey Braun
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  • Martin Berkemeier
  • Frank Faßmer
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Anatolij Gutsch
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Axel Knapp
  • Felix Rabe
  • Saad Khayar,
  • Skalecki Marketing & Kommunikation

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