Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity
Hunke IdentityLudwigsburg, 2016

We Believe We’ve Created a Real Gem. Corporate Identity and Spatial Communication for Hunke Ludwigsburg.

Brand Identity

Hunke Identity

It’s as if you were cutting a diamond for the future generation: Thanks to its long and rich tradition in the field of jewellery and optics, Hunke’s family business enjoys an excellent reputation in the region. With the consolidation of four formerly separated facility units and a new conclusive floor plan, Hunke now heralds the start of a new era in its more than 100-year company history. Premium materials and an elegant overall plan form an appropriate framework for jewellery, watches and glasses. The same passion that fuels the Hunke family’s business operations also inspired our approach towards instore communication and branding. “Discover.Beautiful” highlights the owners’ curating expertise and acts as the consistent central theme for all means of communication and sales rooms.

Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity  Brand strategy

Brand strategy

Hunke’s business philosophy is characterized by a deep passion for beauty as well as an eye for detail, individual character and the extraordinary.

For generations of customers the family business has been a reliable and sophisticated guide in the world of trends. However, the central theme “Discover.Beautiful” does not only represent the owners’ lifestyle and expertise, but also invites customers to explore the special sales rooms and product landscapes. In addition to the primary slogan, we derived separate themes for the individual departments: “Experience.Beautiful” (watches), “Feel.Beautiful” (jewellery) and “See.Beautiful” (optics).

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Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity  Company logo

Company logo

Visibly inspired by its 1970’s origins, the eye-catching new logo pays homage to the owners’ strong ties with their rich family tradition. Following an extensive process of conceptualising and designing, we carefully revised the existing lettering. The new logo’s rejuvenated modern form perfectly harmonises with the interior design of the sales rooms, while maintaining the strong original character. The brass-tone chosen appears in the material concepts of the rooms and allows for a wide variety of possible colour shade and surface combinations. As an alternative to the dominant lettering, the distinct Hunke-H signet acts as a quality seal that can be used in a multitude of applications.


Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity  l3
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Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity  Instore communication

Instore communication

The communication concept for Hunke centres around a tight integration of room and communication. Spreading over various rooms and positions, the central communication theme animates customers to further explore the shop. “If there is something eternal like love, it is a ring”, for instance, is a writing on the wall leading from the ground floor through the staircase and all the way up to wedding ring area. The “wall of love” on the opposing staircase wall accompanies visitors on their way up with name pairs that represent both the power of love, regardless of gender or nationality, and the many couples that made their first steps towards marriage at Hunke.


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Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity  l5 2

Discover. Beautiful. Versatile and creative visual narrations deliver the primary theme throughout the sales rooms and means of communication.

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Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity  Visual Communication

Visual Communication

Our print media designs emphasise the team’s cross-departmental expertise, combining varying Hunke products into narrative dyads and triads. Here, a watch for an early-morning business appointment meets a sparkling piece of jewellery for a night out. Exact geometric areas with facets inspired by the interior colour concept provide the background for product presentation, while also acting as the primary design scheme for the premium shop window display.


Hunke discovers beautiful products for customers. In turn, their passionate selection invites visitors to “Discover.Beautiful” themselves.

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Business stationery

The business stationery means reflect the pleasant atmosphere of Hunke’s new interior spaces. A rich colour range, inspired by the room elements, characterizes the design of shopping bags, envelopes and business cards, while the premium brass signet beautifully contrasts with rose quartz, lapis lazuli and zircon colours.

Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity  Business stationery
Hunke GmbH Hunke Identity  l13
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