Interflex Identity
Interflex IdentityStuttgart, 2022

Today’s Work Worlds Are Changing. Interflex Opens Doors for This to Happen

Brand Identity

Interflex Identity

From its beginnings in making working hours more flexible to becoming a tech company that supports the changes in the world of work in a whole range of ways. The founding principle behind Interflex, which has been shaped by human values since 1974, is now translated into leading hardware and software solutions for time management, resource planning and access control. As part of the Allegion corporate group, the company is positioned at the exciting interface to all major changes in the field of New Work. “Upgrades your work” is the key brand message here.

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Based on a more clearly honed brand strategy, we translate the brand story into a comprehensively revised visual identity. With the drive of a contemporary understanding for new working environments and a consistently applicable design system that shapes and differentiates.


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Since 2005
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Redesign since 2022

The super symbol as brand ambassador

We were not formally searching for a new, more modern butterfly symbol, but for a super symbol with a significance that is associated with freedom, mobility, clarity and ease-of-use. Here, the super symbol is the formal ambassador of the derived product benefit “Interflex empowers people to work easier”, which always focuses on the people who are the users.


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The redesigned name/image mark develops a broad application world far beyond the logo. The overall appearance of the brand remains clear and recognisable – and, at the same time, creates an intuitive design system.

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Layout principle — base & sky

Interflex — Upgrades your work. This brand promise shapes the new overall appearance. With an intuitive online style guide containing many use examples, we wish to invest this brand base with energy and make it enjoyable to use by those within the company: instantly accessible and flexibly applicable.

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Integrated design language

Freedom, flexibility, clarity and simplicity: These are the four pillars upon which our consistent brand appearance rests. On this basis, predefined design elements shape the recognisability of the brand design across all applications. In the revised Interflex logo as well as in the fonts, in the newly conceived visual language and as a multimedia design system.


Interflex Identity  Integrated design language
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Product & Interface Design
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Completed (2022)
Ippolito Fleitz GroupPhilip Kottlorz
Brand Identity
  • Matthias Hohmann
  • Axel Knapp
  • Ju-Mi Lee
  • Jennifer Schäfer
  • Lea Witt
  • Skalecki Marketing & Kommunikation, Partner Concept/Text