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Our approach to brand design dissolves common­place preconcep­tions of online and offline. Solutions and measures for a strategi­cally effective brand identity first need a main idea that works across all channels. Conse­quently, our digital output is often inter­disciplinary or hybrid in nature. Websites or digital experien­ces infuse brands with a concep­tual density in their multi-layered development.

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Building a digital identity usually starts with the where question.

We prefer to start with why.

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Nobody goes online anymore

Branding is real everywhere

Of the 8 billion people on this planet, more than two-thirds are online. Being online is no longer a process, but a state. This helps explain why we need to dis­solve out­moded thinking in offline and online cate­gories. Because we can. Especially at the beginning of an assign­ment. Instead of asking where to position brand activities, the correct ques­tion is how can and should a brand develop. Because brand identity is a strategic instru­ment that unfolds its greatest poten­tial in an inter­medial and inter­disciplinary context.

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Pixels love bricks and mortar

Hybrid thinking enhances experience

A new restaurant, a redesigned work world, an exhibi­tion stand with inno­vations. Real experien­ces find a strong supporter or good team­mate in digital appli­cations, or a reach amplifier in a comple­tely performance-oriented way. In projects to design new work worlds, for example, we realise digital projects to accompany change manage­ment. Or we support strategies by imple­menting and maintai­ning online plat­forms for the exchange of new ideas.

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Content comes from concept

Topic control in place of word mountains

Social media requires suitable content for efficient perfor­mance. This has resulted in a burgeo­ning content industry that produces mountains of words and images. A develop­ment that will only speed up through the advent of artifi­cial intelli­gence. For us, the quality of topics and their prepa­ration remain the key focus. In line with this principle, we develop balanced content strate­gies from a brand perspec­tive in close collabo­ration with perfor­mance specialists.

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Networking with an open interface

Partnerships as the most advanced solution

Digital technolo­gies are developing at the speed of light. And inno­vative applica­tions are constantly emer­ging. From this perspec­tive, we act agilely in the field of digital concepts – always searching for the right techno­logy partners for indivi­dual projects. For 3D experien­ces, for broad­cast solutions and of course for typical web­site projects.