BachoferWaiblingen, 2011

A Feast for the Eyes and a Taste Sensation: Our One-Starred Gourmet Restaurant

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Right in the centre of Waiblingen’s historic old town, surrounded by half-timbered houses and typically Swabian ‘Besenwirtschaften’ or taverns, you step into a culinary world that is more reminiscent of London, Bangkok or Tokyo than the regional ‘Ländle’. In a former apothecary dating back to 1647, the second oldest house in town, we have designed an interior for gourmet restaurant Bachofer. Uncompromisingly modern yet with a playful touch – just like the adventurous kitchen that Bernd Bachofer likes to call “progressive aroma-driven cooking that comes from the heart”. In 2015 the Guide Michelin conferred a Michelin star on Bachofer in recognition of his culinary courage and creativity.

Guests entering the space are received by a curved bar at which food is served. A sensual ceiling design of hammered, silver metal leaves gives an atmospheric upbeat. The bar is the grandstand to the kitchen: The latter is completely encased in glass, enabling guests to appreciate and admire the cook and his culinary art as he works. Shelving to both sides plays with the idea of inside and out.


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Specially designed, olive green, leather-upholstered seating provides space for 45 diners. Folded circles covered in silver leaf extend across the ceiling and shimmer in the light, bringing opulent accents to the room. Together with the long, bespoke lighting element that runs above the tables, they effectively draw the gaze towards the back of the space. The entirely mirrored longitudinal wall is printed with a sheer curtain motif, as are the windows. This effect creates a soft backdrop to the long row of tables. It plays down the heterogeneity of the façade openings and pillars, while the rather narrow space is optically expanded by the mirrors. Rich, dark Macassar Ebony-covered tables provide a beautiful contrast to the graphic mirror-curtain. The playful treatment of the themes of transparency and intimacy gives the space its character. There is plenty for the eyes to feast on here: An international restaurant with an urban flair and allure that radiates far beyond the confines of this small town.


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Completed (2011)
Food & Beverage
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Timo Flott
  • Tilla Goldberg
  • Anatolij Gutsch
  • Trung Ha
  • Peter Ippolito
  • You Seok Kirschenmann
  • Axel Knapp
  • Moritz Köhler
  • Vinh Loi La
  • Marianna Lewandowski
  • Frank Peisert
  • Jörg Schmitt

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