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Bonus GelatoShanghai, 2017

The Place to Be: We Created a Small Space for Self-Expression in Shanghai

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Bonus Gelato

Ice cream parlours are hip in Shanghai: China’s urban hipsters can be seen standing in line in front of trendy gelaterias, even in the middle of winter. The most popular ones are stylish little boutiques that double up as backdrops for your social media presence. Bonus Gelato, a start-up company from Shanghai, provides the perfect social media setting. Our clients commissioned us to design an ice cream parlour in a central city location. The small space integrates the making and selling of ice cream with a café – and it works, despite the large influx of customers. This mix of ice cream parlour and coffee shop is what is booming in Shanghai and other Chinese cities right now: a small and trendy place for fun encounters and self-expression.

Opulent brand, small retail space

Bonus Gelato Bonus Gelato  Opulent brand, small retail space

The founders of Bonus Gelato learnt their craft in Italy. They make their own artisan gelato in the best Italian tradition. They love to surprise their customers with unusual creations such as ice cream with a Japanese rice wine flavour. The brand appears innovative, opulent and of high quality – all things that our shop concept is designed to convey. The challenge, however, was to create an inviting retail outlet in such a small space with only a narrow strip of pavement outside.


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Bonus Gelato Bonus Gelato  Striking façade, increased awareness2

Striking façade, increased awareness

A small façade, a compact retail space and a busy street outside. If you want to stand out here you need a strong gesture, or perhaps a massive terrazzo slab hangs above the entrance like a small monument: grey, raw, purist and equipped with a striking neon sign. This generates awareness. And to ensure that customers step inside the ice cream parlour even in cold weather when the doors are closed, we opted for an inviting glass façade.


Bonus Gelato Bonus Gelato  Striking façade, increased awareness1
Bonus Gelato Bonus Gelato  l2
Bonus Gelato Bonus Gelato  The interior reflects the atmosphere

The interior reflects the atmosphere

The centrepiece of Bonus Gelato is the ice cream counter. The ice cream itself is made right behind it. We wanted customers to see this, so a viewing window provides a glimpse of where the ice cream is churned. Our interior design reflects the atmosphere of an ice cream parlour throughout.


The result is a tantalising interplay of hot and cold: Cold pastel shades meet a warm wood ceiling and copper lamps. Even the counter front resembles layers of frozen ice. And because Bonus Gelato loves technical innovations, this small retail space integrates two self-ordering terminals. Which is not only hip, but also provides a great backdrop for perfectly styled selfies.


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Bonus Gelato
Completed (2017)
Studio Woo
Food & Beverage
  • Kim Angenendt
  • Ruth Calimlim
  • Tilla Goldberg
  • Dina Hool
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Axel Knapp
  • Jose Miso
  • Sasha Zhang
  • Dirk Zschunke

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