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PentadocWürzburg, 2022–2023

Strategic in Five Dimensions: Brand Develop­ment for a Manage­ment Consultancy



Pentadoc AG is an extremely experienced management consultancy in the field of digitalisation. The Würzburg-based company was already consulting on digitalisation when it was still being called the ‘paperless office’.
We have worked with Pentadoc for years – and are now supporting the company in a phase in which the corporate strategy is clearly impacting the brand strategy and its communicative implementation. Pentadoc’s future consultancy offering will span five dimensions, all of which are key to a company’s effective digitalisation. 

Practical, close and easy

We have supported the entire transformation process, both in strategy and implementation. This has resulted in a complete brand redesign, which is also reflected in a new company website. On a conceptual level, we strengthened the corporate strategy by focusing on a methodical conceptualisation of the 5D model – but never in a theoretical, abstract or overly complicated way.
The visual realisation of the campaign employs real staff members, who competently represent the different dimensions of consultancy. This approach makes the website appear authentic, but also accessible, uncomplicated and contemporary. To give Pentadoc the opportunity to fill the new corporate strategy with relevant content, a blog format is docked onto the website, which works closely with the company’s social media presence. 

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Pentadoc AG Pentadoc  Appearance Consulting expertise

Appearance Consulting expertise

We have translated the rather abstract theme of consulting expertise in digitalisation into a brand presence that is authentic, accessible and open to dialogue at any time.

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Completed (2023)
  • Axel Knapp
  • Ju-Mi Lee
  • Jennifer Schäfer
  • Jörg Skalecki
  • Lea Witt