we-house Identity
we-house IdentityHamburg, 2018

The best thing your attitude can become is a home

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we-house Identity

We have developed a brand for a property developer that is highly focused on sustainable construction with a strong social component: we-house. Our work includes the entire brand strategy, naming and visual identity implementation in various media.

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Living in the sustainability generation

Sustainable materials and a solar system on the roof? The we-house brand developed by us goes several footprints further. The planned residential projects, some of which have already been realized, combine ecological principles with social coexistence. To this end, we have developed a sustainable guiding principle for all media that is customer-centric: the best thing your attitude can become is a home.


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Future-proof energy from in-house production meets central communal kitchen at cost price.
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The client: A true pioneer of ecological construction

Since 1984, our client Archy Nova has stood for consistent ecological thinking in project development - for example with the idea and implementation of earth mound houses.
With we-house, the Stuttgart-based architecture firm wants to establish a brand that stands for a broad responsibility towards people and climate protection.


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The We moves in: In Herne and Hamburg Baakenhafen

The new we-house community has already been established in Herne - in Hamburg Baakenhafen, the project is about to be realized. There, the concept has won the Hamburg Ideas Award for Housing 2023. We are delighted that the clear positioning of the brand has ensured such a high level of acceptance among potential customers and the general public.

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Completed (2018)
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