Technopark Corporate Architecture
Technopark Corporate ArchitectureMoscow, 2013

2,800 M² of Differentiation in the Highly Competitive Russian Market: Electronic Lifestyle for Store, Brand and Communication.

Store Concepts

Technopark Corporate Architecture

Technopark is a Russian electrical appliance retailer and a pioneer in the Russian market in this highly competitive product segment. A complete make-over of the Technopark brand was urgently needed for it to prevail against local competitors and European market leaders, Mediamarkt and Saturn. The new Corporate Architecture offers a sophisticated store and communication design, thereby differentiating itself from the more strident communication of its competitors.


The product range offered by the chain comprises an extremely broad spectrum of different products in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes, for which universal yet product-specific presentation elements were required. The stylish dark grey and white store design creates a technology universe in which the products speak for themselves. An emphasis was placed on product presentation rather than store fixtures. Only the store guidance elements, which are set against a fluorescent blue line in the ceiling, attract the eye as an omnipresent guide. This blue line of light is continued along the walls and dividing fixtures to create a strong CI element. A floating cloud of illuminated pixels in the entrance area presents a strong and striking image to the exterior.
Designated zones for coffee makers, home cinema and a beauty salon with on-hand beauty advisors create fields of attraction between the standard store fixtures. A particular focus lay on the integration and amalgamation of store, brand and communication design. All elements speak the same visual language and give the new Technopark stores their unmistakable identity.

The concept was implemented as a pilot project on 2,800 m² and over two floors in the Khimki Mega Mall in Moscow. A cloud of illuminated pixels is suspended in the 12-metre high atrium in the entrance zone.

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Mega-Mall Khimki
Competition (2013)
Zooey Braun
Store Concepts
  • Alexander Assmann
  • Michael Bertram
  • Hatice Bilal
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Timo Flott
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Josephine Lüders
  • Frank Peisert
  • Luis Garcia Rodriguez
  • Maira Rosenberger
  • Enrique Sanz Segura