Kering S.A. Kering Eyewear
Kering EyewearBeijing, 2018

A Stage for Every Model

Store Concepts

Kering Eyewear

Those who understand eyewear as elegant sculptures rather than just optical aids are certain to enjoy finding their favourite model at Kering Eyewear. The luxury eyewear manufacturer has an exclusive brand portfolio, now presented for the first time in a dedicated shop in Beijing’s Sanlitun shopping mecca. Stella McCartney and Alexander McQueen are among the brands on show here together. A high-end selection of materials provides a fitting backdrop of bronze, marble, light and natural wood.

Botanical room dividers and a striking ceiling structure separate the sales space from its surroundings. Marble, employed as a graphic element, covers the floor and the presentation wall in a fluid progression. Here too, luminous display stages are attached to the room filters, and can be relocated and grouped according to the collection. Large lightboxes stand out from the rest of the display, offering a label generous communication areas for current campaigns. The modules can be scaled up or down to suit any sales situation, and give Kering Eyewear an unmistakable signature. Custom-made furniture provides additional emphasis in the shop-in-shop. A consulting desk and a central display landscape set accents, while focusing full attention on the products. Making every pair of glasses an eye-catching highlight.

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Kering S.A. Kering Eyewear  Plans

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Kering S.A.
Completed (2018)
Sui Sicong
Store Concepts
  • Michael Bertram
  • Daniel Cano
  • Tilla Goldberg
  • Jonathan Hernandez
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Sasha Zhang
  • Dirk Zschunke
  • pfarré lighting design, Lighting Design