The Tailor Shop
The Tailor ShopMoscow, 2013

The Tiny Jewel in a Russian Mall. A Walk-in Jewellery Box Is Now Open

Store Concepts

The Tailor Shop

A project where small is undoubtedly beautiful: The Tailor Shop jewellery store nestles in a converted ventilation shaft of only 10.2 m² in Moscow’s Atrium Mall.

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The fully leased mall meant it was time to get creative in order to generate new retail space within the existing floorplan. The compact size of the store sparked the idea of creating a walk-in jewellery box. Its walls are panelled in fuchsia velvet-covered diamond rhombuses, alternating with embedded rhomboid display cabinets. 


Sophisticated, invisible opening mechanisms for display and storage cabinets are integrated in the design. A mini cash desk contains everything necessary and mirrors the shape of a growing crystal.


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The Tailor Shop  Plans

Facts & Figures

Atrium Mall, Zemljanoy Val
Completed (2013)
Zooey Braun
Store Concepts
  • Michael Bertram
  • Tilla Goldberg
  • Hansen Hermawan
  • Luis Garcia Rodriguez

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