Surteco Decor GmbH Surteco: interzum 2017
Surteco: interzum 2017Köln, 2017

How to Provide Seven Companies with a Joint Direction by Uniting Them under Trees of Design Expertise. Our Interdisciplinary Work for Surteco.

Surteco: interzum 2017

When it comes to surface technology, Surteco is the specialist. All around the world, customers in the flooring and furniture industry rely on Surteco’s decorative printings, foils, edges and release paper. As a group of seven highly specialised complementary companies, Surteco’s technical and creative expertise is unparalleled. For the sector’s most important international exhibition – the Interzum Cologne – we channelled this abundance of expertise in the central theme “One in Motion”. Based on this idea, we developed a new holistic communication concept as well as an extraordinary stand.


The objective was to combine the varying areas of expertise into a greater overall perspective. The basic idea derives from a book with fanned out pages, opening to the visitor like a catalogue for materials and surfaces. Following this notion, we developed a tree-inspired room structure, in which the trees and their surfaces act as the primary product presentation. This results in a large and free communication area between and underneath the trees. The basic grid of the stand is shaped by theme trees. Three of them represent a respective trend: Smart, Balance and Liberté. A forth tree focusses on technology and innovation, while the centrally positioned fifth is dedicated to “highlights” and serves as a roof for the catering area. Consequently, the stand allows for a clear view from all sides, as the trend tree ensemble reveals constantly changing pages of the product portfolio depending on the observer’s perspective. The kitchen area’s rear view offers yet another visual highlight. Consisting of more than a hundred slats whose edges were coated with varying products, the wall astonishes with a deep three-dimensional shape that only grows in dynamic when passing it. For the purpose of demonstrating innovative applications, we also developed a modular kitchen unit with surfaces entirely interchangeable in no time.

The specially designed “Newspaper” supports the exhibition appearance with high-quality editorial content and interviews about exciting corporate developments and product news. In addition to the theme trees, we also present Surteco’s 2018 trend predictions in a premium miniature format brochure. Published in various languages, the booklet offers in-depth information with inspiring writing, atmospheric images and possible applications.

With our work for Surteco we once again demonstrate our multidisciplinary expertise in design. The central theme of “One in motion” emphasises Surteco’s unique service and strong house of brands in the industry. We consistently implemented this new theme for both the extensive brand sculpture of the stand and the means of communication.

With “One in Motion” we defined and implemented a consistent central theme for both the stand and communication at the 2017 Interzum.
The basic idea derives from a book with fanned out pages – a giant, enlarged Surteco product portfolio, opening to the visitor.
The “Newspaper” reports on Surteco’s unique creative and technical expertise from different perspectives.

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Surteco Decor GmbH
Completed (2017)
Bernd EbbingIppolito Fleitz GroupMechtilde Trienekens
  • Christiane Benecke
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Fynn Freyschmidt
  • Fabian Friedhoff
  • Tilla Goldberg
  • Nuray Gucanin
  • Jonathan Hernandez
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Kamil Kaczmarek
  • Axel Knapp
  • Alexander Ortwein
  • Senhui Qiu
  • Markus Schmidt
  • Jennifer Schäfer
  • Skalecki Marketing & Kommunikation, Partner Concept/Text

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