Bella Italia Weine Bella Italia Weine
Bella Italia WeineStuttgart, 2007

Here the Temperament of Its Sicilian Owner Is Reflected in Lively Discussions about Her New Restaurant.

Bella Italia Weine

Bella Italia is a wine store as well as a restaurant. The owner is a typical warmhearted Sicilian woman. While selling the products of her home country and offering a creative home-style cuisine on an upscale level she transfers the Italian spirit to Germany. “Bella Italia Weine” was run for many years in a small living-room-like place with a very personal atmosphere. To extend the sales area as well as the capacity of seats she decided to move to a new location.

Marias living room

A suitable location was found in a detached Wilhelminian-style house in the west of Stuttgart - a popular residential area that is also home to many creative offices. This house with history matches the nature and character of the owner, a great storyteller and collector who cultivates a very personal relationship with her guests. So you don't go "to Bella Italia", but "to Maria". So it made sense to create a place that is much more Maria's living room than a normal restaurant.

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Memorabilia tell stories

You can feel this "living room" atmosphere as soon as you enter. You look through the glass panels in the double-leaf entrance door into the room, which also indirectly reveals what is happening to the left and right via two large mirrors on the walls. The walls and ceilings are a dark, warm olive green. The wood paneling surrounding the room, painted in off-white, provides a fresh contrast. However, the first thing that catches the eye is the ceiling, which is almost completely covered by almost 90 different mirrors. The mirrors, mostly found at flea markets, are each a piece of memory, a piece of history. Their different styles and sizes are combined in a collage that opens up an almost endless number of perspectives. In their diversity, the mirrors are also a theme for the guests, inviting them to discover their own personal favorite underneath. Incidentally, the ceiling is inspired by Sicily: the hall of mirrors in the baroque palace of Villa Palagonia in Bagheria is an important reminder for both the owner and the architect, for one of their homeland and for the other of a sensual, magnificent space.

Bella Italia Weine Bella Italia Weine  Memorabilia tell stories
Mirror mirror on the ceiling. The different sizes and styles of the mirrors are combined into a collage that opens up numerous perspectives.
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Bella Italia Weine Bella Italia Weine  Culinary specialties and wine assortment1

Once inside the restaurant, an old secretary opposite the entrance marks the reception area. Behind it, a wall of shelves reaching up to the ceiling and an etagere provide space for the presentation of culinary specialties. The range of wines is housed in four spacious shelves suspended on both long sides. As a further eye-catching element, they set a culinary theme, define the space and integrate sales areas directly into the dining area. The central sales area at the entrance creates additional attention for special presentations with a large yellow circle on the floor.

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Room within a room

In the restaurant, small tables on the left-hand side of the room allow a high degree of flexibility in the arrangement, which is important due to the frequent special events and cooking events that take place. Several different models were selected for the seating, which was lovingly hand-painted in different shades of mauve by the studio's interns. The bar is organized next to the door to the kitchen, again picking up on the living room theme: In contrast to the free-standing counter in the room, the bar here is positioned directly against the wall like a classic sideboard.

In the right-hand part of the restaurant, a kind of room is set off in the room. Similar to the large family table in the "Guten Stube", an oval table stretches almost the entire length of the room. Various old and new lamps hang above it. In front of the end wall is an old piano on which the owner's son, the actor Lorenzo Patané from the TV series "Storm of Love", learned to play. The wall itself is covered in velour check. A large mirror is embedded in it, which expands the room and draws in additional light. Large-format mirrors are also used in the sanitary areas, whose ceilings are covered with a diamond-shaped mesh structure of small fluorescent tubes.

Bella Italia Weine Bella Italia Weine  Room within a room
A place has been created that is more like the owner Maria's living room rather than a normal restaurant.
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Sizilianische Klischees

The façade design picks up on Sicilian clichés in a surreal collage. Here, the bikini girls of Piazza Armerina ride on an oversized fish. Giant citrus fruits, Mount Etna and various culinary specialties compete with the Trinacria as a national symbol. These graphics are also part of the new corporate design, which was developed in parallel with the reopening.

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Bella Italia Weine Bella Italia Weine  Plans

Facts & Figures

Bella Italia Weine
Vogelsangstr. 18
Completed (2007)
Zooey Braun
Food & Beverage
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Judy Hänel
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Britta Kleweken
  • Axel Knapp
  • Sarah Meßelken
  • Lena Nöh
  • Yuan Peng
  • Anne Schädlich
  • Christian Weiß
  • Stefan Gabel, Color Consulting

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