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dada embellishes women’s multi-faceted nature. We have transformed this new Chinese brand into a real gem.

Product Design

dada Jewellery

dada is a completely new Chinese jewellery brand with a stand-alone business idea: The individual elements of the collection can be combined in any way you choose. Our objective was to translate this business idea into a compelling brand identity, following an interdisciplinary approach that is tailored to the Asian market. With a store concept as well as Corporate Design and communication.
The mix & match idea is targeted towards a young female audience. The core idea is to express the appeal of mix & match through a conceptually compelling brand story. The playful approach towards combining individual pieces of jewellery means that each woman can highlight her own individual characteristics. This basic principle is pursued in the design through an individual facet pattern, abstract silhouettes as individual loci of desire and a shooting in which a model reinvents herself again and again. All this is consistently implemented across all media from the store to packaging and website.

The dada store concept implements the mix & match character of the brand in a spatial sense through the use of an enchanted forest. The young target group is guided through this magical forest, trying on different pieces of jewellery and discovering new inspiration along the way. Different jewellery presenters were developed, which also offer sufficient space for a friend.

The website is designed as a source of inspiration. Here visitors can actively try out their different facets and be inspired by what they see. The website also serves as an online shop, which promotes the mix & match idea through the user navigation. The ›mydada‹ section transforms the site into your own personal website for your ideas, wishes or exchange via social media. The website uses contemporary technologies such as parallax scrolling and integrated videos that effectively portray the narrative and playful character of their content.

Different videos also feature on the website and in the stores, providing playful insights into the product world.
The design invites the customer to go on an inspiring journey through an enchanting forest and thus explore the products in a playful way.
Paper silhouettes in the displays showing dreamlike scenes whisk customers away to idealised places of beauty.
Small, individual jewellery displays attach magnetically to the mirrored table surface and resemble water lilies floating on the surface of a lake.
Real-size mock-ups were used to test product handling and interactive functions with the customer.

Facts & Figures

Beijing Keerworld Jewelry Co., Ltd
Completed (2014)
Product Design
  • Tilla Goldberg
  • Jonas Hertwig
  • Stefan Jäger
  • Senhui Qiu