CIFI Group Ltd. CIFI Sales Center Chongqing ‘The Landscape’
CIFI Sales Center Chongqing ‘The Landscape’Chongqing, 2018

Dialogue between Man and Nature: A Sales Centre as an Art Gallery on the Outskirts of Mega City Chongqing

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CIFI Sales Center Chongqing ‘The Landscape’

Millennials are China’s most affluent demographic. They are young, wealthy and lifestyle-oriented. Yet they also long to experience nature and to live a sophisticated, artistic lifestyle that transports them away from the world of the fast-paced mega city. So the new sales centre for real estate developer CIFI in Chongqing is more than just an elegant sales space for new-build apartments – it is a symbol of customer desires and an important communication tool for CIFI. The iconic building represents a living concept in harmony with nature and with a sense of gracious spaciousness. Which is why the sales centre is more than just a sales machine; it invites interested parties to enjoy a relaxing and informative visit. Once the real estate sales phase is over, the building can be repurposed as a restaurant or club house.

The Sales Center is more than just an elegant sales area for apartments - it is a symbol of customer dreams and an important communication tool.
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But the Sales Center is not only open to nature; it is also open to customers - in the form of an intuitive two-story customer journey.

Facts & Figures

CIFI Group Ltd.
Project (2019)
Spencer Huang
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  • Ruth Calimlim
  • Halil Dogan
  • Wei Gao
  • Peiyu Ho
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Jose Miso
  • David Tong
  • Yan Yu
  • LWK + Partners, Architecture