Let’s Talk to Yan

Operation Director

Yan Yu told us abouth soft power, trust between clients and designers and her anger management.

As one of the early employees, how do you view IFG’s evolution?

When I first joined IFG, there were just a handful of colleagues, but now we're nearly 40 strong! IFG provides a relaxed and diverse cultural environment, allowing everyone to nurture their abililies.

What’s your take on the industry entering the readjustment phase?

The year following the epidemic was surprisingly the most fruitful for IFG, highlighting that there are ample opportunities during downturns. When a design company enhances project quality and delivers competilive advantages, it's a win-win for clients, isn't it?

You mentioned soft power. What does that mean?

IFG's success is built on honing skills like a practical approach, efficient execution, and clear communication, reminiscent of German companies. These soft skills are, indeed, our most
potent competitive advantage!

What are your primary job responsibilities?

My job involves complex tasks like business development, customer and operations management, and financial coordinalion. As a manager, I must excel in problem-solving, conflict resolution, and people

So your job plays a role in building trust between clients and designers?

That's an interesling way to look at it. In my role as the company's representative, I'm the initial point of contact for new projects and clients. My key duty is swiftly conveying IFG’s strengths and convincing
clients to work with us.

What’s your secret for snagging all those top-notch IFG projects?

The secret lies in building trust with the client. To achieve this, it's vital to shift from a second-party perspective to adopting the client's viewpoint, taking an insider approach to address issues and alleviate any doubts.

I’ve never seen you angry; where’s your bad temper?

First, have a good laugh. Laughter often lessens anger. It's essential to remember that nobody is always calm; it's about how we manage negative emotions. Emotional stabilily is valuable in the workplace.
After all, everyone appreciates positive individuals, right?

Got any frustration to vent right here?

I propose creating a TV show for designers to rant. Designers are known for their sensitivily, and when they express their frustrations, it often results in a unique form of artistic expression. Afterwards, they
can return to their work as if nothing happened.