She Changes

Art in the Walter Knoll Brand Space – Janet Echelman


We collaborated with three female artists in the Walter Knoll brand space for Milan Design Week 2022. We interweave and overlay different fabrics and contexts – textiles, ceramics and plants from Boston, Stuttgart and Milan – to conjure up a comprehensive and multifaceted brand presentation.

Renowned artist Janet Echelman from Boston works with giant sculptures made from net structures in public spaces. As part of the Mercedes Benz presentation at the IAA 2021, for example, she exhibited her ‘Earthtime 1.26 Munich’ installation. The form evokes associations with a butterfly, but also with 3D data visualisations, and is an astonishing 24x21x16 metres in size.

Sadly, there was not sufficient space for it in the brand space for Walter Knoll! For our staging, therefore, she chose a 1:10 model of an earlier work entitled ‘She Changes’, which has been on display at the Cidade Salvador Plaza in Porto since 2005. Suspended in space directly over the Walter Knoll sofa collection, the artwork is reminiscent of an abstract, airy chandelier, and underscores the generous nature of the new furniture line.

The plant arrangement by Irene Cuzzaniti injects freshness and abundance into the space. The floral splendour already draws the eye of passing visitors, rendering the location in one of the narrow winding alleys of Brera more visible. Our staging is rounded off by ceramics works from Stuttgart-based artist, Yvette Hoffmann. Her handmade ceramic objects serve to accentuate the high quality of the brand. Quite the opposite of mass-produced wares!