Let’s Talk to You

Corporate Social Responsibility Management

Sustainability, quality management and how we’re fostering a corporate culture that focuses on responsibility. Extremely important topics that we discussed with You, our CSR Manager in Stuttgart. We’re all committed to this process – because it is a collaborative one.

Hi You! What’s your job title again?

It’s Corporate Social Responsibility Manager. Quite a mouthful, I know. Right now, I focus on implementing a quality management system as part of a sustainability strategy.

What does CSR mean to you?

It means that we as a company do more than what’s asked of us by law. We actively seek to improve our processes to make sure that we have a positive impact on the world.

And what did you do before?

I’ve been part of IFG for almost 13 years as a project manager and later as project director. I wanted to go in a different direction, so now I’m using my experience to work on our strategy and work culture.

What are the strategic elements?

Sustainability is crucial to our work and how we as a team influence our surroundings. It’s about choosing materials as well as being aware of the impact that our projects have.

And the cultural ones?

By that I mean: We’re all responsible. It’s not me who’s single-handedly changing everything. I connect, I encourage discussion, research and analysis. It is a management decision, but in the end, change is a team effort.

How have you been driving this cultural change?

We began with team-wide research ranging from carbon footprint to diversity and inclusion. Next, we will incorporate our findings into our daily work.

What has been challenging in your new position?

When I started doing research, I found myself being almost overwhelmed by the amount of information. But I’m excited that we’ve started this journey to systematically tackle these pressing issues.