Merton Areal
Merton ArealFrankfurt, 2013

You Need to Proceed Carefully with Old Buildings. That Means Creating a Concept Which Will Last Just as Long.

Merton Areal

The Merton-Areal is an industrial office complex that has seen better days, located on the outskirts of Frankfurt. The brief was to overhaul the complex to increase its attractiveness to potential tenants. Our competition design pulls the entrance area into focus in an expansive gesture. The recessed semi-circle is redrafted as a powerful entrance situation that projects outwards in a striking statement. The lobby is thereby transformed from dead air space into an active zone of communication. A three-dimensional curtain of vertical light rods and an origami-style aluminium façade in combination with the new façade design ensure an attention-grabbing exterior.

Facts & Figures

Competition (2013)