Material Studies
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The Stuff That Dreams Are Made Of.

Material Studies

All our projects inherently have a high level of detail and frequently demand intensely individual solutions. Our materials library continues to grow as we scout for exciting new permanent materials and processing techniques. We just love to be inspired by fascinating surfaces, sensual products and clever technical solutions.
Unusual combinations are our speciality. Many of our clients would never have believed quite how courageous they could be – and still enjoy the fruits of our creativity many years down the line.
And if the material or surface with the right properties or effects is not (yet) available on the market, we often simply invent it ourselves. Giving our engineers sleepless nights and driving manufacturers crazy. But if the end result is the perfect solution, if we come up with a new combination of materials that did not exist before or maybe even a whole new product – then, as always, all the effort was definitely worthwhile.

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Completed (2007)