Let’s Talk to Senem

General Manager

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We got to know Senem a little better: what is her guilty pleasure, does she have architectural role models and what brought her to China? Read to find out!

Hi Senem! What brought you to China?

Moving to China was a strategic choice fueled by a strong desire for new professional opportunilies. The constantly evolving design scene in China aligns With my career goals and passion for innovative design, providing an ideal environment for creativity.

What’s your hometown like?

I don't know exactly where my home is. From Turkey to California and now a decade in China, I feel like a global citizen. That being said, Turkey's rich culture, lively bazaars, aromatic food, and spirited raki tables continue to shape my perspectives and designs.

What draws you into the profession?

My dive into this profession is rooted in a deep-seated passion for impacting lives by crafting memorable spaces. It's about the alchemy of turning abstract visions into concrete, awe-inspiring realities.

Do you have any role models?

Inspired by resilient women in design, from trailblazing seniors to visionary leaders and passionate juniors. Their grit, innovation, and tenacily provide daily lessons in overcoming challenges and pushing creative boundaries in this industry.

Intuition, reason, discipline, which is more important?

Intuition is the designer's cornerstone – being psychically attuned to clients' unspoken desires, seeing through their eyes, and guiding them to realize dream spaces. This intuitive art merges mindreading, empathy, and visionary foresight.

IFG’s biggest competitive advantage in China is?

Our portfolio uniquely blends Italian creativity and German precision, offering a symphony of bold colors, refined details, and an unwavering commitment to quality—a testament to architectural brilliance.

What’s your vision for IFG Shanghai studio as the new GM?

IFG Shanghai Studio aims for ambitious growth and visibility. Beyond spaces, we craft stories and experiences, eager to showcase exceplional work and innovative, personalized design solutions to a wider audience, emphasizing unique client collaboration.

Lastly, what’s your guilty pleasure?

Carbs are my ultimate indulgence, a delightful weakness for their comforting and diverse forms, from freshly baked bread to artisanal pastas.