Let’s Talk to Patrick

Project Director

Patrick told us about his cycling fascination, his constant passion for design and his special plant.

You’ve recently become fascinated by cycling, how did it begin?

It began as a means to exercise during my commute. However, I soon discovered that cycling offers a blend of exercise, travel, and social interactions. The most significant aspect is the freedom to alternate between being with groups and enjoying moments of solitude.

You’ve once cycled 70km from downtown to Songjiang and back?

I am certain I'II aim to go even farther in the future. The sensation of giving your absolute best and ultimately accomplishing it is truly rewarding. What makes cycling different is the excitement of exploration.

How do you maintain a constant passion for design?

Design plays a significant role in my life. In an increasingly mechanised society with limited creative opportunities, my profession stands out as a means to craft spaces, experiences, and memories, which I am very proud of.

How do you define your design language and style?

While style holds significance for designers, logic is even more crucial. Our primary focus should be on identifying and resolving problems for the client, while delivering the most suitable design that aligns with their culture and personality.

You have a very special plant in your house, what is it?

A variegated plant! These plants are unique, as their leaves grow in unpredictable ways. Each leaf's development cannot be foreseen; it may turn out to be ordinary or stunning, much like winning a lottery with its delightful surprises.

What are the lessons you’ve learned from your plants?

I was astonished to discover that plants possess emotions and respond based on how we treat them. Thus, plants serve not only as decorations but also as a means to experience the gift of life and its interconnectedness.

Do you have a favorite designer or design works?

I admire Peter Zumthor, Christian Kerez, and David Chipperfield. Their persistent and cost-neutral approach to crafting poetic and extraordinary spaces is becoming increasingly rare in this age dominated by efficiency and materialism.

What is the most memorable project done at IFG? 

The OPPO headquarters would be my top choice due to its significant challenges. Designed by Zaha Hadid Architects, it stands as a remarkable landmark. Moreover, our designs pushed the boundaries and presented something entirely innovative.

How do you feel that Max will be featured in Interior Design Magazine?

In China's homogenised office market, we crafted something truly unique. The project's success relied on the client's unwavering support in concept and management.

What is it like to work at IFG and manage a team?

I believe IFG offers a liberating and equitable platform for every designer to discover their niche and harness their strengths, resulting in the creation of high-quality work.