Let’s Talk to Jose

Project Director

This is Jose. We learned about what he enjoys at work and whether he is a workaholic or not.

Hi Jose! Who are you?

I am Jose, from Spain. And I consider myself a well-rounded architect, with a particular interest in interior and architectural projects and design directions. In Spain, we are required to be self-sufficient and mastered on all design aspects possible.

Do you prefer small or large scale projects?

I have an affinity to large scale projects as my background is architectural and technical. Additionally, most of my current projects are large scale urban shopping malls. I say it is way close to my profession.

What is your profession?

I studied Architecture, Urban Planning and Structure Engineering during both my Bachelor and Master studies. And 9 years of work experience in project leading with my background makes me a unique designer.

Have you applied all your skills at IFG?

When I’m working on big projects such as Shenzhen Bay in particular, where we got to design all the corridors, internal circulation, and even exterior areas, I was able to use a wide range of skills that I have continually developed over my professional life, while still having the overall control of every single detail.

Are you a workaholic? Any personal interests?

Haha while I do love my work, I believe that a work life balance is important. In that respect, in my downtime I enjoy playing complex strategy board games with friends, photography and videography, cooking, and running into entrepreneur business adventures.

What is the balance of it all?

I try to balance every project and strategy decision as I do with my private life, understanding the sweet spot between complexity and innovation, between the studio, my team, our own and clients’ interests.