Let’s Talk to Jana

Senior Interior Designer

We talked to Jana, one of our interior designers in Berlin, about the Jour Fixe, our weekly presentation format. She told us about her favorite presentation, what the Berlin studio feels like and what she learned from visiting a permaculture farm in Bulgaria.

Hi Jana! How is Berlin?

There is an almost overwhelming number of cultural activities. Where I come from, there is maybe one good concert a week, in Berlin there are several good ones a day. I’m not complaining though, I love it!

How much Berlin spirit is in the IFG Berlin studio?

No one of us is originally from Berlin – which makes us pretty much as Berlin-ish as it gets. We are very international, coming from a lot of different backgrounds. It’s a colourful mix of creativity and personality, just like the city.

Why is the Berlin studio called the “Lifestyle studio”?

Lifestyle, that’s Berlin! We do restaurants, cafés, but also hotels, corporate and private residential projects. The name fits the vibe of the studio: forward-thinking and in touch with what’s relevant for people today and in the future.

You also help organizing the Jour Fixe. What’s that?

Our Jour Fixe is a weekly presentation and discussion format. Everyone is asked to present something at least twice a year – from completed or ongoing projects to personal stories and development. Short and crispy talks transport the energy and life of our teams. This way we stay connected.

How did going all virtual affect the Jour Fixe?

I think it helped to make the individual more visible. A lot of the action took place on stage in Stuttgart. For remote attendants that could be a challenge. Now everyone has his or her own camera and microphone. It makes communication more intimate!

Do you remember your favorite presentation?

Yes! Claudia was talking about her mothers’ sugar plantation and went from there to crystalline structures in architecture. I love it when someone makes a connection between personal experiences and the professional field.

Do you have such a moment to share?

I visited a permaculture project in Bulgaria. It’s about building a long-term sustainable agriculture utilizing the synergies of natural ecosystems. It shows the importance of thorough analysis when designing for longevity.