Let‘s Talk to Halil

Design Director

We talked to Halil, one of our design directors, about working for our multinational Shanghai studio and where he gets his inspiration from.

Hi Halil! How did you get from Turkey to our studio in Shanghai?

My goal was to work in East Asia. A friend showed me some of the astonishing projects he got to do when he was at IFG in Stuttgart. I sent my portfolio. Did a couple of interviews. Hello Shanghai!

What is working in our multinational Shanghai studio like?

Lots of fun! Having so many nationalities and personalities in one place leads to a constant exchange of knowledge. Plus: We all invite each other to our home countries for vacation!

Are Chinese customers still looking for ‘European’ design?

Not ‘European’, but different for sure. We work hard to bring in new design perspectives that transcend cultural traditions and create strong individual narratives that reflect our client’s dreams.

Where do you get inspiration for your design ideas?

From virtually anything! A chair, a fashion show, a piece of music or even from food. To me, inspiration is having an open mind and creating new connections beyond disciplinary borders.

The best thing about Shanghai is?

Having 27 million people in one city – but never feeling caged. I can choose if I want to cool down and retreat or dive into the dynamic and vibrant life this cutting-edge metropolis has to offer.