Elegance, Beauty and Surprise

Frame Interviews Tilla

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FRAME spoke to Tilla Goldberg, studio director brand spaces and product design at Ippolito Fleitz Group. A decade of crafting trade fair presentations for furniture manufacturer Walter Knoll has culminated in the achievement of the Trade-Fair Stand of the Year award. The FRAME Awards-winning space represents a multi-layered, artistic brand environment designed to foster remarkable moments and inspire meaningful encounters.

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Winning the FRAME Awards has injected a surge of fresh energy into our upcoming projects

What does being a FRAME Awards winner mean to your studio?

'Our deep admiration for FRAME stems from its rich history as a source of inspiration and design wisdom. Receiving the Trade-Fair Stand of the Year award is a profound honour for us, and we take great pride in this recognition.'

Why do you think you won this category?

'We were recognized for exploring new, sustainable ways of crafting trade fair appearances in a rapidly changing industry, managing to do so while trying not to lose elegance, beauty and a sense of surprise.'

How has winning the FRAME Awards benefitted your company?

'Every award, especially distinguished ones such as the FRAME Awards, conveys our work results, our competence and our love and commitment for space and design to our clients – both present and future.'

In what ways has winning the competition impacted your world?

‘Winning the FRAME Awards has injected a surge of fresh energy into our upcoming projects. It has evoked a wave positive emotion within our team that resonate with our clients and attract new admirers.'