CEG Schwarzwald Yancheng ‘Urban Mountain’
Yancheng ‘Urban Mountain’Yancheng, 2016

Sustainable Comfort, Prefabricated Modules and a New Urban Mountain Scape.

Yancheng ‘Urban Mountain’

Yancheng is one of the fastest growing tertiary cities in China, located around 300 km northwest of Shanghai. Urban Mountain is our design for a new residential complex in the main growth zone of this city of 1.7 million inhabitants. Our brief was to create a technologically savvy building that delivers a natural, healthy and sustainable residential environment for the modern city dweller.

The residential complex is an upscale project that aspires to be a generator for sustainable and viable urban growth in the Chinese market, and has been developed in cooperation with our partner CEG Schwarzwald. We have created space for a modern lifestyle, which combines a comfortable urban setting with a healthy environment and close proximity to nature.

Five residential towers emerge out of an urban park and base structure that provides numerous public and communal amenities, such as cafes, restaurants, stores and gyms. The iconic shape and favorable riverbank location make this development a landmark with which residents can easily identify, thereby augmenting their sense of place and ownership.

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CEG Schwarzwald
Project (2016)
Markus BasslerEric Laignel
  • Daniel Cano
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Kamil Kaczmarek
  • Adalbert Kapp
  • Luca Leardini
  • Jörg Lonkwitz
  • Robert Pruim
  • Jose M. Romero
  • Peter Strzebniok
  • Ziheng Wu
  • Sasha Zhang
  • Drees & Sommer AG
  • Lifestylegreen
  • Munitec GmbH