House HOD
House HODGermany, 2014

A Stage on Which to Live Your Life. A Home for Your Desires. We Breathed New Life into a Low-Rise Building from the 1960s

Private Residential

House HOD

A family with two children commissioned us to gut and redesign a large 1960s bungalow in Odenwald, which is surrounded by expansive grounds of almost 5 hectares. We created an interior ambience that juxtaposes soft, rounded and sensual forms with the angular floorplan of the original building across 450 m².

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Visitors are welcomed by a bright hallway, from which a living room with a loft-like character can be glimpsed. The tactile, purple-upholstered furniture is bespoke, like the majority of the furniture we designed for this object. A windowsill in the living room serves as a cosy bench: Looking out onto the park, you sense how inside and outside merge around you.


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The individual rooms also flow into one another. A continuous terrazzo floor connects the various living areas and provides a bright and cheerful undertone. The dining area is open-plan and flows into the living area, while still retaining its own special character. Above the dining table, which was also designed by us, hangs an old chandelier, a family piece, surrounded by some of the legendary bubble lamps by George Nelson – creating a room of tantalising contrasts.


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The adjacent kitchen with its grained wood panelling continues the warm tonality of the dining table, which is only broken by a monolithic, white kitchen block at the centre. A small upholstered seating niche serves as an organic extension to the room. A broad, sensually curving hallway leads in a generous flow past the two children’s bedrooms and an accompanying bathroom. A second, more intimate living area combines different functions: it is a media lounge, workspace and library in one.


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Behind this living area is where the parents’ realm begins. The glorious bedroom is dominated by a voluminous bed that is covered in dark leather. The view from the bed is of the park-like landscape with a terrace in the foreground. A dressing room and a large bathroom with a sauna and free-standing panoramic bath transform the parents’ domain into a place to relax and unwind – complete with spa feeling.


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House HOD is bursting with joie de vivre: dark-grained wooden panelling, structural plaster, lacquered and textile-covered walls, glass mosaic fields, wallpaper and fabrics form a collaged, yet clear and uncluttered atmosphere. A house in which life is not only lived, but celebrated.


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Completed (2014)
Zooey Braun
Private Residential
  • Alexander Fehre
  • Gunter Fleitz
  • Roger Gasperlin
  • Peter Ippolito
  • Jörg Schmitt

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