November 2023 News
Peter Visits Hangzhou

Someone seems to be missing from our Stuttgart office: Peter Ippolito. But don’t worry, we know exactly where he is: Hangzhou, also known as paradise on earth. When a place is this beautiful, what better way to see it than in a breath-taking, 360-degree panorama? Plans are in the pipeline for a new restaurant project that makes the most of these panoramic vistas. A place to enjoy a meal amongst fellow diners, while also taking in a view of the whole city.
During his two-week trip, Peter Ippolito is also meeting with GOA Group of Architects in Hangzhou to give a lecture. And of course he’ll be spending time in our Shanghai studio.
Marco Polo, a seasoned traveller to China, is said to have described Hangzhou as “the most beautiful and magnificent city in the world”. Will Peter say the same on his return home?