Let’s Talk to Sasha

Senior Project Manager

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Sasha talks about musicality in design, his proudest moments at IFG and he gives advice to upcoming architects. He is one of our senior interior designers in Shanghai and has been part of the team for many years. After work he plays the guitar. Together with his band he occasionally plays live concerts!

Hi Sasha! You were a full-time musician, can you tell us about that?

I loved both drawing and music growing up. I began pursuing music more intensely and became a rock musician. It was great to have the freedom to express myself through art. Then I shifted from music to

Is there musicality in design?

Yes, because it expresses emotions: Through rhythm, texture, harmony, proportion, dynamics, and motions to set the right moods and tones. To me, architecture is a composition.

What are your biggest challenges working in architecture?

Balancing versatility. Giving our clients what they want but at the same time challenging them and us to go beyond the first idea and create something extraordinary.

What are your proudest moments so far?

Every time I create something from sketch is a proud and fulfilling moment for me. It is amazing to see an idea in your head becoming reality. Just like working on a song and then playing it live for the first time.

What makes you special at IFG?

I was the very first Chinese designer in our Shanghai office, and I have been a part of this team for 5 years. My strength is problem solving and communications. I am familiar with the different local contexts
from language to culture.

What is your advice for upcoming architects?

Do more than just architecture.Take inspiration from music, art, literature, learn about society. Because one of your main tasks will be to understand where your client is coming from and where he wants to see himself in the future.

Do you still play music? If so, where can we see you perform?

I play guitar in a band with other architects but only part time. We perform occasionally, and I love it. Music regulates my mood and it's just part of who I am.