Let’s Talk to Anita

Project Director

Find out about Anita. About yoga, cats and the greatest pleasure of being an architectural designer.

You have an unbelievably peaceful disposition. How do you remain calm?

Maybe I'm more of a Buddhist-style person, haha. By maintaining a calm and neutral mindset, one can become the master of their emotions.

Besides cats and yoga, what else do you do to relieve stress?

I enjoy hiking and being in nature, using my feet to explore the world. These outdoor activities help me quickly disconnect from stress and rejuvenate my mind and body.

When did your passion for architecture begin?

Starting from my first job, actually, my undergraduate major was in public art facility design. During my graduation season, I participated in a design competition organized by an American interior design company and accidentally entered this industry, which ignited my passion for architecture ever since.

Were your studies at The Glasgow School of Art in Scotland lifechanging?

As the only Chinese student in the class, interacting and exchanging ideas with classmates from different countries and cultures has increased my respect and understanding for cultural differences and diversity. It has also broadened my perspective on project thinking in a more multi-dimensional way.

What is your proudest moment as a designer?

The proudest moment when I started my career was when my design works were praised and recognized by leaders and owners; now the proudest moment should be every time I help a project to solve all kinds of tricky problems.

What is the greatest pleasure of being an architectural designer?

I love observing how professionals and the general public react differently to the same buildings and spaces, both at work and while traveling.

What is your favorite building material? Why?

Wood. Because the material itself gives people a natural and warm feeling; it can be strong or soft in form, and the texture and color are so varied that, to me, it is a material that can create infinite possibilities.

I heard that you sometimes make material samples by yourself. Have you made anything new recently?

When a certain material does not meet the design requirements, I like to try my hand at exploring the possibilities. Recently, I discovered why metal sheet finishes were performing poorly at a construction site and how to prevent it from happening again.

What is it like to manage a team at IFG?

Busy, fulfilling, and full of challenges. I am very grateful for the open and free platform provided by IFG, which has allowed me to continuously grow through exploration and practice.

What advice do you have for newcomers in the architecture industry?

Hold firm to your beliefs and persist in them, constantly challenge yourself, be brave enough to step out of your comfort zone, inspire newcomers, and motivate yourself.