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October 2016 News
Identity Architects – Ippolito Fleitz Group
How do Identity Architects make a book? They design each and every page individually and with love.
We have made ourselves a present to mark our studio’s 15-year anniversary: our first monograph is hot off the press at FRAME Publishers Amsterdam. It contains 12 essays from Munich-based author and journalist Oliver Herwig that examine key themes that influence our work, our thought processes and our design approach. An in-depth interview with Peter and Gunter provides some interesting insights into the philosophy behind all our design. And Ben Nicholson, mentor and friend to Peter Ippolito, sums up the essence of our work from the other side of the pond. Our most important projects of recent years appear across 378 pages in hundreds of images: from a palace in Tashkent to a tiny jewellery shop nestling in a former elevator shaft of a Moscow mall. Each page has been designed individually, as we approached this book with the same love for detail that we devote to all our projects. We will be celebrating the book launch in fitting style with an exhibition at BDA Wechselraum (Zeppelin Carré, Friedrichstr. 5, Stuttgart). The exhibition opens on 5 December 2016. And if you cannot wait that long, you can also buy the book straight away from the FRAME online shop, from all good bookshops and online stores (ISBN 978-94-92311-00-9).