Sustained Color No. 7 — „Come Closer!”

Every year, a different panel of experts from renowned designers and interior architects search for the special color for the COLORNETWORK®, that deserves to become a “Sustained Color” through its time spirit, longevity and combinability.

Thus, in 2022 Sustained Color No. 7 called “come closer!” was born. Peter Ippolito and Verena Schiffl from the Ippolito Fleitz Group, Joon-Mo Lee and Veronika Schmidt-Schäffer from Phoenix Design and Katrin de Louw from COLORNETWORK & Trendfilter were looking for a color that expresses the palpable longing for interpersonal closeness - elegant, approachable and honest at the same time. "come closer!" manages to bring materials to life in a unique way, creating intimacy and making a distinctive statement for space, product and surface. In its ambiguity, the color shade has a high emotionality, creates a magnetic attraction and touches people deeply in the soul. Thus, the expert panel is sure that the color will remain very present in the coming years due to its uniqueness and unobtrusiveness and is therefore very sustainable.

Thank you for letting us participate in the development of this unique color!

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