We are identity architects.
Multidisciplinary, relevant, passionate.


Ippolito Fleitz Group is a multidisciplinary, internationally operating design studio based in Stuttgart.

We are identity architects. We work in unison with our clients to develop architecture, products and communication that are part of a whole and yet distinctive in their own right. This is how we define identity.

  • With meticulous analysis before we begin.
  • With animated examination in the conceptional phase.
  • With a clarity of argument in the act of persuasion.
  • With a love of accuracy in the realisation.
  • With a serious goal and a lot of fun along the way.
  • Working together with our clients.

As architects of identity, we conceive and construct buildings, interiors and landscapes; we develop products and communication measures. We do not think in disciplines. We think in solutions. Solutions that help you become a purposeful part of a whole and yet distinctive in your own right.

We architect your identity.

Studio Mission Identity


We all recognise the magic of these moments. The genesis of a new idea, the sense of well-being, the split second of recognition. Our goal is to create just such moments, in which new ideas metamorphose into a multidimensional design as part of a discontinuous process. Functionality and an inspiring ambience offer no contradiction, they are the bedrock of every design we form. We dedicate ourselves one hundred percent to developing contemporary solutions to complex challenges.

What do we mean by contemporary? Or, dare we say it, modern? We mean a multidisciplinary and international approach in everything we do. What is left is a multitude of moments, each of which requires meticulous analysis. Ultimately it is all about finding a commensurate visual idiom for the complex identity of each of our clients.

Perceiving the individual nature of a given task requires a high degree of awareness of the needs and aims of the client. Because identity is neither stable nor final. Instead it is a construction of different moments of self-awareness mixed with the perception of others. It is continually in motion, formed by the diverging traditions of the past, wishes for the future and the daily business of the present.

We understand identity as a process, which we support in the interests of our clients and on the basis of our many years’ experience in architecture, product design and communication design. Because our studio believes that consonance in oneself, both within and without, is all a question of architecture:

Ippolito Fleitz Group – Identity Architects.