PHOENIX Real Estate Development GmbH Lights for the GERBER
Lights for the GERBERStuttgart, 2011

Продуктовый дизайн

Lights for the GERBER

A central element of the interior identity are light rings whose shape echo the GERBER logo – a letter ‘g’ constructed from two circles. The positioning of these rings responds to the respective entrance situation. At the narrow, steeper entrance at the eastern corner, an interlocking, linear chain of rings accompanies the visitor upwards. While at the wider northern entrance, they explode across the ceiling in a wide arc. The theme of intertwining rings thus creates a signature address for each entrance. The light rings reach their pinnacle at the very heart of the mall where they entwine a column and extend upwards to form a tree of light piercing all three storeys.

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PHOENIX Real Estate Development GmbH
Завершенные проекты (2015)
Продуктовый дизайн
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